Westonka Electric Inc. is a full service electrical contractor.  We specialize in maintenance, repair, and remodeling.  

We offer 24 hour service with standard billling rates for weekend and after hours service calls.  No overtime or extra charges.

Whether you have a small or large project contact us.


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The second half of this video on the left shows why you need to hire
a properly licensed electrician.


Safety Warning:

Do not attempt to work on your electrical wiring, switches, or outlets unless you are properly trained and equipped to do so. Electrical components in a building can easily cause an electrical shock, burn, or even death.

These days it seems to be that everyone has a father/brother in-law or buddy that can do electrical work. 

Remember, just because it works, does not mean it is safe and won't cause a fire.  Electrical work must be done by a licensed individual working for a licensed electrical contractor.  If you have trouble in your home and had work done by an unlicensed individual your insurance company will not cover you. All work that is performed also must be inspected.  If someone tells you "I can't pull the permit" or "It will be cheaper for cash" you are not hiring the right person.

Whether you hire us or someone else check the Department of Labor and Industry for records of the individual and company you are hiring and make sure they are licensed, bonded and insured to do your project.