Quick paybacks make lighting upgrades one of the most cost effective solutions for reducing energy use. 
Upgrading lighting is typically an easy win-win solution, reducing energy consumption and operating costs, 
while typically requiring low capital costs to implement projects. Reduced energy consumption occurs 
directly through less energy for lighting, and energy  use is further lowered by reducing cooling costs 
associated with waste heat from lighting. Operating costs are decreased though reduced maintenance while 
building occupants experience increased satisfaction and enhanced performance in their work environment. 
Lighting upgrades are traditionally the first area building owners explore when beginning their journey down 
the path towards energy efficiency.

We offer highbay replacement and all standard retro fitting.  We will provide you with the proper documentation to submit to 
your power company for a rebate on the installation.

T12 or T8 to LED Available!

Have 8' T12 high output fixtures?  We can turn the existing fixture into a standard 4 lamp T8 fixture which will match existing light levels and draw a fraction of the power.

Contact us for all lighting upgrades.  Below are just a few options.

Highbay replacement